Go Through the Doorway of Your True Will with Oak Moon

New Moon in Oak Sat., June 8th, 2013.  This is the most sacred of the trees to the Druid/Druidess and known as the Magician’s tree.  It teaches sacred balance and reveals true wisdom.  It is the door to Higher Knowledge.  It represents abundance and strength as well.

Let Oak Moon Mother guide you within to find sacred leadership and realize your true potential in the world.


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Oak Moon -2016
Dearest Goddess, I allow the love of the mother, of the earth to fill me up to overflowing, I am loved, I am guided, I am guarded, I am immersed in my heart and it is filled with gratitude at the manifestation of dreams I have long held for indeed as sure as the oak tree is rooted on the earth so am I rooted in you, in spirit. To support my processes, I have a ritual of supporting myself with a tree meditation which I started consistently again and I have a tree I visit often – a Pine tree. My foundations are rooted upon the earth, my trunk is strong to withhold the elements and I bear fruits of immense proportions. My branches stretch out, finding out the sky and bringing down all the light necessary for my fruits (dreams) to manifest. I greatly give thanks for your strength and protection, I am one with you. Thank you for your love and your grace! I relax into your care and allow myself to flow with your grace from strength to strength. I release all resistance to the will of Spirit and God/Goddess.

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