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Mastering Manifestation – Willow Moon

The ancient Celts called Willow, “Watery Willow” associating this mystical tree with the deep vision-producing subconscious.  This is where we carry old hurts and wounds and everything we have ever experienced here on Earth.

I have found that I only hurt during this moon when I have forgotten to have faith in Inspiration and my Soul Journey.  Inspiration is available always and the Soul Journey is my own and ever present.

Willow may challenge you to trust and believe that what you are seeing or experiencing as manifest is your life’s sacred mastery.  Surrender and allow it to bloom before your eyes!  Enjoy our Heavenly Earth as your temple.

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This moon has been good for me. Its the first time this year that I’ve felt at peace. I have had moments where I’ve felt upset about something in the past or gotten anxious about how things are or aren’t but then I remember that everything happens for my higher good and the negative feelings go away.
What I haven’t been so good at lately is not letting other peoples energy affect me. Mainly my boyfriends. He is so intense at all times. He has an anxious, aggressive energy. He always has to have something going on, he can’t sit still and enjoy doing nothing (something that I’ve gotten very good at). If the tv isn’t on, its the radio (full blast). Theres always noise whether he is cooking, eating, working around the house and even working. All of the things that I have worked on in my life to have peace with myself and now I have to deal with his chaos. Its taxing. I feel great when I wake up in the morning but feel anxious and stressed when I’m around him. I remember being the same way so I am patient. At times I feel as if I’m here to somehow help him but at what cost? I try to suggest things like a 5 minute meditation or offer to do a mini reiki treatment (I present it to him as if I need the practice) but he resists it most of the time. I’m afraid I will run if it doesn’t get better. This is a part of my life I don’t trust will work out for the best.

I think the best comment to say here is ask for assistance from your Higher Self, Guardians, Divine Source to assist in faith that you have the strength to be patient and unyeilding in a polite way to bring peace and balance to your home and relationship. You do matter and it is okay to ask for some quiet time too. Be tolerant of his noise time and remind him that you would like some quite time too. Is he willing to give you this? Keep the faith that this relationship is worth it. You have come a long way on your spiritual growth, but growth continues in the area of unconditional love and tolerance as long as he is willing to compromise with you too.

My boyfriends noise gets me too! When he’s mad, he huffs and puffs, and when he’s happy, he plays drums! He wakes the baby to tell her that he loves her and that she’s his most precious etc etc. I sometimes feel like its this ball of energy that I just have around me. But his energy is mostly like a caged animal… Not good…

We do have to remember that he is a man. Some men can be more active and agressive than woman, well, and other men too. There is a male/female balance between the two of you that was a big part in bringing you both together. Sometimes you switch roles in different experiences and situations. So really what I am saying here is to look at the mirroring that is going on. He IS reflecting you. There are times when your noise is unbearable for him! Your noise may not resemble his, but you do make “noise” to him too. I dare you to ask him how you annoy him. Also, remind yourself why you like male energy as opposed to having only female energy around all the time.

Help! My boyfriend is going off the deep edge with old woes. He’s coming home talking about stuff that happened to him YEARS ago (work mostly), and he’s picking on me in the worse way (he’s upset but won’t tell me why, and claims that I should already know). I don’t know what to do about old woes that happened before our relationship that he hasn’t dealt with yet, and I don’t know what to do about these mind games I feel he’s playing.

It seems this is a time for him to work out old stuff and come to a new awareness so he can go beyond it now. Celebrate! This can only be good for the both of you. This is great that he is looking at patterns and feels safe enough to do it with you! You have been wanting this for him all along. You are part of this creation. Those ten planets that aligned with Aries on the New Moon amy be forcing some new perspecitve through. I wonder where Aries is in his chart? That would be very interesting to look it. It will all unfold eventually if it hasn’t already. Be a patient observer.

It is difficult to watch. He is not happy with his life and that is painful. I understand that it is not personal, but it still hurts. I make beautiful meals and he complains about the table… His clothes is laundered with love, but he complains about the threads. And his daughters, mother, and even long lost nephews keep calling, emailing and telling him about their regrets with all of their relationships. AND he’s coming home with issues from work. It’s impossible to talk to him even about what we are doing with our day because “everyone wants something” from him.

On top of all that. I realize I don’t like the family I joined… Now I’m in regret too.

Well, it was painful, but the old hurts came out. And the current hurts, those came out too. I am a little disappointed in myself for not being a “patient observer” and letting myself drown in pain. The bad decisions of those around you are just that, bad decisions of those around you. Yes, they affect you, but they don’t have to consume you.

Yes, it’s tough to feel emotional and intellectual dissapointment. Stay in faith always that there is a lesson and strength that will come out of this, again especially if you maintain awareness of your 6 bodies…your spirit body, your emotional body, mental body, physical body, ego body, and soul body. Distinguish the difference within each and bring yourself back into balance with energy healing skills that I know you have practiced and posess. Each will remind you if you have gotten in too deep and your light balance is suffering. If we fall out of balance and lose the awareness for too long, it’s a sure sign to rethink your choices. The heart choice will always lead to the higher path.

I loved the video you referred to in your last newsletter (Tracy Chapman’s Heaven’s Here On Earth). Beautiful pix and message. We forget to remember how splendid Mama Earth really is on a daily basis. I also like your message about material stuff. It’s sometimes uncomfortable at church when you’re told that if you give in to the material stuff then you have not found God. Makes me wonder why they draw a salary. Maybe Pope Francis will change things for Christians around the world. I love the gift of giving, but also must meet my needs, it does not make one bad or selfish or evil.

I had a meditative session with Wendy one time where she channelled for me.

It was about money.

I was trying to explain to the guide about tithing. I tried to make her understand, about sharing abundance, and trusting that generosity will breed abundance. The guide, did not, understand.

“A woman give her hard earned money away! A woman, with a small child, who must work, give her hard earned money away!”

She went on to give me a lecture. She told me to show “them” abundance by putting on bright colored skirts and dancing in the sun while I fed my daughter bountiful bread. To show generosity by offering warm smiles and happy wishes. And she told me to keep my money. I can’t help but feel that her way makes more sense.

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