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Heart Choices Lead the Way Through Hawthorne Moon

Hawthorne is a faerie tree.  It guards wells and springs.  Its beautiful flowers are said to help prayers reach heaven. The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford.

Let your heart prayers be heard and begin designing the blueprint for your abundant growth map.  This can be an enjoyable time of change and manifestation.  Some choices can take us to nowhere and endings and those ones that may seem the hardest to do can be light -filled and open up your goals and plans with many new experiences of gratitude.


4 replies on “Heart Choices Lead the Way Through Hawthorne Moon”

Today my BF reminded me that everyone is responsible for their own happiness. If he would have been here, I would have thrown mango flavored poo at him.

I am working on this relationship. I am here, because I see good, I see potential, and I feel love. I am here, but I am treading carefully. Tell me, how does one feel happy by treading carefully in love? I know this about myself, I can be happy, and throw myself in bliss, and look up years later, and realize it was all in my head. Closing my eyes and trusting hasn’t worked in this relationship, yet that is exactly what I am being asked to do. Trust, and surround yourself by the love that is… And gauge progress?

Okay, first of all, the “mango poo” has to be from yours and your boyfriend’s baby after eating mango I assume. Right?
Anyway,if you both are continuing counseling together or he is going it on his own, it seems to me that you will have to be patient. Trust will have be fostered and grown. Have faith or trust in SPIRIT, and know that you are being downloaded with information about how to take care of yourself and your baby. Make that small voice of knowledge very loud. Pray for awareness and understanding of how to go forward each day. Listening and following your inner wisdom will make you happy. If you find that you are happy, but not with him anymore, you will know. You may still be finding some level of contentment in the relationship as you both are growing and healing. You are very intuitive. Trust yourself to have the right answers in the right timing. Celebrate this inner awareness you have developed. You are definitely more tuned in than ever before.
Life insn’t always happy, happy, happy, so find contentment in the balance. Love yourself and your gifts. You have soooo many. I know that about you.

I am happy for this moon, and I am happy to be open to prayer.

I learned many lessons last moon, the greatest one being that I must have faith in myself.

This month I pray for women in abusive relationships, may they be clear enough to know the difference between “the honeymoon stage” when the moon and the stars are presented to them and REAL CHANGE. May they be surrounded by strong women who can point out that saying “he’s just lazy,” is an excuse too. And may they realize that accepting abuse is abusing to the soul of the abuser.

I pray for Mothers, may they have the strength and love to lead their children in the correct soul path.

And I pray for us all, to be able to love everyone, while maintaining love for self.

God, keep my mind clear, may my timing be impeccable, and may I know the difference between a sickness I can help heal, and a sickness that is contagious and will blacken my heart. May I be strong enough to love the solution out of my family.

Your prayer made me feel empowered for all women and delighted that you display with integrety your intentions to be strong and aware. Bless you and your path. You sound like the makings of a High Priestess in action. Love and hugs, Sweet Lady.

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