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     My greatest mastery is when I maintain my awareness that everyone I meet, everyone I see, everyone I talk to is the essence of God/Goddess.  Everything I see, touch, smell, hear, feel, sense, experience in some way is God/Goddess.
How do we remember?
A channeled message from whom I call
the Elohem:
     “You are blessed by knowing who you really Are.  You are blessed by activating your Divinity.  You are blessed in your creations that are positive and the ones that seem like failures. Maintaining conscious focus on this Higher Truth allows you to live a life of Higher Truth.   By choosing to maintain focus on the Love that God/Goddess IS, you can create and enjoy the blessings of Love.   So we say, start the enactment of creating more love and times that are beautiful and you will easily create more of this love and beauty.  And more beauty and love is a blessed reality, is it not?  It then becomes easier to see the Divinity in others and all things.”
So, focus on love and beauty.  Put reminders (a picture, a stone, a scent, a note, etc.) in your environment that trigger a thought that love and beauty is to be reset into your mental awareness.  Change the reminders often. 
Wendy Chaffin


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