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Connect to Your Sacred Self with Ritual – Ash Moon

Ritual is necessary with Ash Moon.  She takes us into our illusions to help us to remain attentive to our Sacred Path.  I spent many years sorting out my own illusions with tears and anger only to find my rainbow was already there with me.

When you are disconnected to your path, the ego’s influences during Ash Moon can take you on a downward spiral ride to make you think you are alone.  At times you may feel life is hopeless.  It is easy to get stuck and possibly not even know that your are.  I’d  like to remind you, beautiful Lightworkers, ahead of time.  So prepare your rituals to get out out of the muck.

In my Ash Moon Newsletter this month, I wrote out a list of my Favorite Rituals to stay connected to Spirit.    I would love to hear some of yours.  Please blog with us and share. If you are really brave, tell us how you can get stuck.  This information is very valuable for others. Awakening from our illusions is part of our blessed journey.

If this is an easy ride for you, we would love to hear that as well and why you think so.  You have a whole month to play, discover and fill us in!

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Does this relate to Ash moon?

My boyfriend and I have decided to get married. We are setting a date in the next month. We’d been talking about it for a while, but now that we are both on board, things are happening.

It seems as if all of the issues he has been needing to take care of for YEARS, are all facing him. All at the same time. And, I can clearly see how those issues are affecting me. One issue is his fathers passing. His father passed over 25 years ago – and just last week, his fathers girlfriend decided to start mailing him his fathers old belongings… Paintbrushes, books odds and ends etc. This is really affecting him.

Another, is his ex-wife (long dramatic story here, but they married in 2008, soon realized they should not have wed, but did not divorce into 2012). Well, she’s been having her father contact him (how are you, do you want to work on some projects with me, how’s the family) , and she’s been emailing him (we should have never gotten married, I broke up with my loser boyfriend, I miss you, etc). He’s been ignoring her, and gently prying the ex father in law off of him (unwillingly at first) … Now, she’s sent us a demand letter, suing us (I’m included in the demand) for $7,500 for belongings she left here in 2008 (letter got here the same day as his belongings)… Honestly speaking here, I’m glad that happened. I feel like now my boyfriend can see how truly delusional and damaging his ex-wife is – instead of just letting go of her because it makes his girlfriend (me) upset. It’s also making him deal with paperwork… Now he has to do something about this demand, he has to address the situation with this woman, and now he can see that “everything will be ok if you just give it enough time” can damage you, in this case, financially.

His situation is stressing me out. Big time. I’m afraid he’ll take to long to take care of the paperwork necessary to make sure we don’t get a judgement on our credit. And he’s a MESS, whining and crying and complaining, and filling our space with… Self pity. Seriously, I feel like screaming in agony because of the pain he is letting off.

So, am I being an egomaniac delusional queen as this Ash Moon comes to a close? Or is this just regular life stuff that happens when you have a partner who doesn’t like to deal with life issues?

Well, this is not regular stuff, but it sure is typical to have to deal with our partner’s wrap ups in life before we can move forward with them. How about choosing to not get caught up in it. If he is not good at keeping up with paperwork, you may have make a choice to assist or not. Hold your emotional boundaries and set your heart to beat with the heart of the Universe. We are all one and infinitely connected. Send love to all situations and give it up to Spirit to take care of your partner’s hurt, confusion, and frustration. Ask for help to hold your balance and easy and quick resolve. I’m sure your man has been hoping and praying in his own way for quick and easy resolve in regard to your daughter’s dad (a wrap up from the past story as well). I have faith that this is happening for a very important reason for the both of you. You have the spiritual strength needed to bring energy balance and assistance to your family life.

Ha. I wish he would be hoping for a quick resolve with MY issues, however it feels like instead he serves as a reminder of what thinking NOT to fall into as he constantly relates horror stories that he’s experienced in the past regarding similar situations of mine. Seriously, I don’t even talk to him about it – I just let him vent over the situation, and then remind him that I have already filed the appropriate paperwork.

Now that I’ve vented… I see the mirror, and I agree to keep sending love to all situations. It’s a challenge all right, but I love this man, and I’m up to it 🙂

This is the first time I can consciously feel the energy of the Ash moon. My first born and the situation with her father was my ultimate illusion for a long time. The illusion that everything is ok… My ego went into overdrive today, as he talked to me rudely in front of my daughter and disregarded my simple question. Will you bring her back in time for dinner? I remained calm, my daughter can see that his energy is unwelcome and unbecoming – I hope.

My ritual is in writing, journaling, praying on paper- or blogging too. Here, while writing, I realize that I have already set the necessary paperwork in motion, all I can do now is wait. I placed light around my daughter, took note of his foolish behavior, and now I offer it up to spirit – please, I am doing my part, if there is more I can do – show me.

Illusion is a tricky thing, huh? It amazes me how long I can think something that is so totally not true just to appease my emotional self. Yes, the ego does play a big part in creating this emotional drama. Although, nothing is wrong. Sometimes we are meant to be in denial for a bit so that we can get this great lesson about illusion. Believe it or not, you can train yourself to ask within if you are in illusion. And you will get an accurate answer right away because you have done this work!

This is very difficult for me as I feel like there is an unhealthy person in my child’s life and I should be able to remove them. I start thinking: is the illusion my false sense of what I can do? Is all I can do right now wait? Really? I’m very uncomfortable with the situation and I don’t know exactly what the lesson is. Act faster next time? Put up MORE barriers? What?

Let go and trust. I pray, that trust, is not the illusion…

And, thank you for giving me my journal entry for tonight.

Is my trust that spirit is protecting my child real? Or is it illusion, and I need to do more?

Yes, trust had been an illusion in this case, but in the present, it’s all you have to work with now that you have learned this lesson to hold boundaries and act on intuition rather than choosing illusion that everything is okay and you do not have to do more.

I regularly feel like after I have learned a lesson and I now act with full consciousness in the present, I can trust spirit to handle the rest and I do believe in that moment that everything happens for a reason. It’s not easy to let go and trust again when we first realize that we could have or should have done better.

Forgive yourself. Stay present. You are only teaching yourself a lesson. Your daughter is also assisting in giving you this lesson. Go to gratitude that you got it and that this sweet little being is helping you grow. And if you are really in your zone, you can thank “MR.” too. I will pray for this situation that the Little One will be safe and you will be able to legally put boundaries around her for her Best and Highest Good and the Good of All. Hope that helps. Stay out of worry.

Trust is working…

My papers are finally ready and I should have a court date tomorrow, Friday the latest.

Also, MR was unable to pick her up today. I keep wondering at all his lost appointments thinking: “Is all my praying really keeping him away, or, is he really just that irresponsible.” I rest knowing that the reason does not matter, it’s the outcome we are after.

Thank you,

I am starting to see the rainbow in this moon.




I started court papers on Feb 27th. Today, they are still not done. I missed ONE signature, no way around it. I’ve mailed papers overnight TWICE, to try to expedite the process. I’m just sending it regular post this time. It’s getting too expensive.

Is it fear? Is it procrastination kicking my butt? Is it God teaching me patience? Whatever it is, I am ready for this paperwork to be filed – I am ready for my court dates. I am ready to have this mess behind me…

When I feel that stuck, I give it to God. My favorite way to do that is say, “Om Sai Ram”. With Om you are One with the Universe! Sai is God and Ram is Goddess. Give it up! Trust and ask to accept the natural flow of this situation.

Good job that you realized to get going on it, and you make a clear choice or choices. We can’t direct everything. Stay in balance between choosing and directing and trusting and accepting. Ask Om Sai Ram to help you!

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