The Ivy Moon

Ivy Moon comes in and reminds us to not get so tangled up in others’ issues and energy. The Ivy warns us by the way it can so easily choke out the life of the other plants. The best course of action is “still movement”. Be an observer of life around you with great intuitive awareness. It ‘s like a moving meditation. The more you are aware, magik sets in. We begin to see the bigger picture and awaken to our Higher Truth and Balance.

I would love to hear the stories of success as well as the snarly relationship complications. We can assist each other in staying observant and detached. It does become an interesting display at times as those we love become ensnarled in others lives.

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What is troubling me:

My Brian is so full, I can’t even get the words on this page. And my boyfriend keeps talking.

Talk, talk, talk.

And my kid keeps asking questions. Why? Why? Why?

And the baby, oh, how I love my baby? But – do I ALWAYS have to be in charge of her.

How do I get my fill of quiet?

Start with simple boundaries. Ask your boyfriend to give you some time to yourself. Meditate, play, exercise, zone out to the TV, whatever helps you feel good and certainly know that that is okay. Taking care of baby is a full time job. If you are honoring his space, it is time he honors yours and helps out. Perhaps, as corny as this sounds…the little one who asks why may have to put her why questions in writing or pictures to put in a box for when Mommy is available to answer all her questions which I’m sure is a delight when you are balanced and ready.

Of course. Do practical things, once your brain realizes you have stopped being practical – you wake up. Thank you. I’ve made changes. “I want time” in a whiny voice, doesn’t really get you anywhere. “I’m going for a walk” and “My yoga class is at 7:30″ are much more effective. I started the journal with Samantha, which was, surprisingly fun for her; man the kid can complain on paper just as eloquently as whining out loud. It works though, I have time to think about responses, and I get to tell her, to write it down instead of: “Not right now.” My neck feels so much better 🙂

Here’s a real question for you: You told me last time we talked that I should remind C, that when he talks to A.S, it energetically opens my energy to other men. That’s what I heard anyway. So, when I start thinking of other boyfriend’s – it means, he’s opening up our energy field? Or now am I just excusing myself? When I started practicing Reiki, a lot of energies were healed, and thoughts of exes became, minimal, and short. It was as if I was completely done with that part of my life – it was over. In the past couple of months, however, I keep thinking about exes. Reiki doesn’t work on them, or on me, so should I be directing it at C?

What do you mean, “Reiki doesn’t work…”? How do you know, dear? And really, it is all in your intentions. What are yours?

All I seem to have is snarly right now. I’m making great effort to be supportive and open, however, I’m tied up in my own feelings. How do you give so much energy to another person while preserving some for yourself? Intuition is just telling me things that I don’t necessarily want to hear, so I’m ignoring it. I know that isn’t healthy. Forward movement is difficult…….

Remember that your relationship mirrors your relationship with your self and source. Make a clear intention how you want to “get along” or relate to source, spirit, God/Goddess and hold your awareness on that. The results can be truly surprising! With Ivy Moon, there is a secret. Connect with the Divine Feminine Mysteries and the strength and balance you need will be there for you. Hold your focus and be the observer.

If you like, give me an example of what is troubling you, so I can see if I can go deeper.

My partner has lost someone close to him and grief is taking over. Everyday tasks are difficult for him. Communication from me is often met with anger and misplaced emotion. The environment is getting very toxic and I’m beginning to feel like a prisoner. In my efforts to respect myself and the space I choose to live, I’ve decided to create a space for myself and leave the overwhelming situation where it is. My problem is that I need to take care of myself, but don’t want to abandon someone I love that is in need. However, I cannot provide any word or gesture that seems to help. Is it selfish to put myself first when he is so distraught?

Yes, it is necessary for you to maintain your balance and energy field. You stay bright, well and aware and you will be more able to to be a positive role model for your partner. It is normal to feel compassion, empathy and sympathy, but if you start to get down too, you are no longer serving him. In your case you are receiving his hurt and anger – that is a downer for sure, and not okay for you to accept.

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