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What Is Worth Having Faith In?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
I asked this question to my guides.
This is how they answered:
The focus is Joy.
Faith is knowing that there will be another joy-filled tomorrow. Some have never known true joy and therefore do not have faith.
Release the temptation to decide your fate or your joy and let yourself be guided to it. True joy comes from allowing life to happen all around you. Engage in the fascination of all that IS.
All your yesterdays lead to tomorrow. Today is the flower that blossoms in the light of understanding and knowledge gained.
Be in Joy. Enjoy the glory of the earth’s bounty
Wendy Chaffin

You Are Clairvoyant – Pay Attention to What Your Heart and Soul Want

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Know what your heart and soul want, keep your senses open to awaken your intuition into its many forms. Ask your Higher Self to gently alert you to recognize the messages coming to you in your Sacred Awareness.

By maintaining Sacred Awareness, life just flows and works easier. The Sacred is beautiful lessons and beautiful people. Circumstances and events have a balanced rhythm. Energy is higher and more joyful.


Clairvoyance – seeing colors, pictures, geometric shapes, objects, light blips, words, and movies played in your mind’s eye…

Clairsentience – feeling wafts of energy, warmth, cold, spiky, spongy, etc… a need to touch someone in a place where there is pain, etc…noticing energy in a room or a pull to go somewhere…

Clairaudience – hearing sounds, tones, vibrations, music, lyrics, words in your own voice or another’s…

Claircognizance – You just know! And you don’t always know why…

Clairscent – Noticing smells…

As you stay attentive to what you sense with eyes open and closed, you will develop your own encyclopedia of interpretations that your Higher Self can use to contact you. Notice physical events, people, and conversations. Even the most boring or annoying people have a message they are channeling right to you, as if they are your Angels. Pay attention! They are! It’s fun and fascinating to be aware of the sacred all around you! Be the light. Notice the light everywhere. Your life will be Light-filled!

Have the courage to trust that what comes to you will benefit your life appropriately.

Meet with yourself in the deepest recesses of the unconscious to discover great love and creative powers. Sit in stillness to assist the interpretation of what becomes conscious. Listen to your dream’s metaphors, symbolic images and meanings from your Higher Self perspective. Your dreams unfold in your sleep and when you are awake.

Wendy Chaffin


2019 Dynamic Change Notes!

Monday, February 4th, 2019

When Great Divine Universal Love wants to give you all that your heart wants, can you and will you step up to receive it or will you hang onto old, familiar patterns that keep your vibration at a lower frequency? Will you still choose to stay down there? My guess would be of course not! Begin and/or continue the proper training to accept such good in your life. I invite you to do just that! Accept the good and it will there for you this year.

Trust your evolutionary path and shine brightly!
The rare stone, herderite, awakens latent powers of your mind. It triggers areas of the brain that have been dormant since your descent in the Atlantian times. Since then you have completed a great task which included the exploration of the concept of separation. You are completing that task. This is the evolution of humanity. Allow your physical self to align with your Higher Self now! Move from duality consciousness to unity consciousness!
Dynamic change is happening now. Individuals have an effect on the hologram considered reality. Pay attention to your intentions. Transmute fears into unity consciousness, heart connection, and compassion.
This Year’s Words for 2019 Are:  PositivePatience, & Presence

This message has helped so many so far this 2019. I have decided it is the motto that encourages movement, growth, well-being, magic, miracles, big love, and great manifestations this year!

Everyone wants to see changes and movement this year in some particular area of their lives. Forward momentum can only happen when you are patient and present! It’s a paradox. You can’t go forward unless you know where you’re at. Picture a rock climber who must place hands and feet accurately and precisely to create the next move forward or he or she is going to fall! Be present and positively intentional. Your focus will pay off and you will climb to unimaginable heights.

This is a manifesting year! Certainly, hold your thoughts and feelings positive to spark life and magic into your manifestations in union with Mother Earth!



Wendy Chaffin

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2019 Time to Manifest!

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

 The World is Sacred!
The Year of Manifestation!
Take notice of the sacred, physical world around you and all that encompasses your earthly life, your body, your family, your home, your job, your peeps, etc… Create the opportunities to have what you want. Abundance in all forms will manifest including love and money if it is in tune with your heart’s sacred service. Another secret is to know what you want and to allow it to come forth in a way that is meant to come in without force. Trust in your intuition as it will guide you to all your next steps. Unfold with ease by letting go of what is no longer needed and gently take in the new. It’s all in Goddess timing, so relax into gratitude as your are led along a sacred path to wholeness.
2+0+1+9 adds to a 12, The Hanged Man. Let go and flow. Trust the process. 1+2 = 3, The Empress, the Great Goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth’s blessings. Trust her timing, her rhythm, her clues and know she wants to give it to you and more as long as it is straight from your heart.
Wendy Chaffin
Art by Holly Sierra

You have to love Reed Moon

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Ahhh, the power and the potential. Allow the agitating energy of Reed Moon to awaken your senses and reveal your true soul pathway.  We are not meant to be in still movement for long.  It’s time to assert your passion and purpose.  Let it radiate through you and move you through and beyond your fears!

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11/2017 Reed relates to the astrological sign of Scorpio. It is important that we don’t look for the way around and go straight through to the next tier of our soul development. Time to allow ourselves to purify and reset.

Reed moon is assisting all of us to step up and grow.


Reed relates to the astrological sign of Scorpio. This is the Moon vibration that freaks out many of my clients! I have learned through many years of befriending Reed Moon, that she is delightful. Go though your fears and agitations. Follow your truth even if it makes you uncomfortable and you will find renewal, freedom and exhilaration! Purge, purify, cleanse, transform!


The Cherishing Heart

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

Through my experience, everyone wants to be cherished. This is usually based on his or her own understanding of what it is to be loved and cared for. A limited understanding will create limited experiences of love. How can anyone truly love with limitations? Everyone loves differently and matches up well with others who share a similar understanding.

But, love knows no boundaries…

So what if you want to experience more love that goes beyond your comprehension or previous experience in this lifetime?

This is the answer I received in a short channeling with a high-vibrational, Celestial Energy Being who comes to me in the image of a beautiful multicolored Feathered Lady and guides me along in service:

In the boundaries of the mind and heart are memories and experiences of cherished or not cherished. The cherished heart knows how to cherish others. The cherished heart demonstrates compassion and care with radiant freedom and no hesitation.

Divine Love is an endless ocean of kindness and boundless fortune ever flowing and moves with the changing tides. To be cherished with sacred intent awakens Divine Love, one soul embracing another.

Do not despair if your heart does not know this level of tenderness. With honest intent the loving Source of Divine Love will gift it to you.
Ask and you will receive…

Wendy Chaffin

2018 Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The New Year ahead brings in the vibration of balance, equality, and reaping what you have sown. I pray for karmic readiness that you may enjoy the benefits of all your hard work. In 2018 you will be engaging in NEW quests and likely commit to great efforts to accomplish them. As the big outer planets change signs, you will begin to finally see a path for success. Honor the Wheel of Fortune energy of 2017 that taught you to expect anything and opened you up to change. A perfect preparation for your next journey.

Wendy Chaffin

Sacred Silence Healing

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Sitting in silence is not just being peaceful, blank and still to let go of dramas and discomforts of every day life. It’s more than that.The heart widens and spirit rushes in to remind you of who you truly are and how you are connected to all there is around you, nearby and in all of existence. Yet, this grand adventure will slow you down, contain and brighten you in tranquility and calm. Setting the stage for this experience is necessary. First, you must have the opportunity to release self imposed blocks through agitation. Allow what needs to release whether in words, actions, contemplation, tears, anger, etc…. Seasons and cycles, death and rebirth fade into Oneness in Stillness in your true nature.

Wendy Chaffin

August 2017 Big Eclipse

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

For weeks, you have been working with many energies to help you confront areas of your life where a false sense of Self has emerged. It has not been easy for most. The only way out has been to develop Union with Spirit and Self. You may imagine your ego holding hands with your Higher Self. Everyone has been adjusting and coping through events and circumstances that remind us that humility is the only way out! Some have had it rougher than others. Now you’re ready for the eclipse to renew you at a deep transmutational level like a restart button! And yes, this imprint of energy will continue to stir up wonderful awakenings throughout the rest of this year. So it is a good time to be empty, calm, and positively connected to your Higher Self. During the eclipse it is wise to meditate, relax and even fast before and during. It is never advisable to be outside during a solar power hit! Take care of yourself with a big open heart. You deserve it.

After the Solar Eclipse has taken us into the depths of our shadow we have a new vision, a new perspective on those aspects of ourselves that were formerly unseen or unacknowledged, perhaps denied or unloved. We can appreciate how they have served us. With a grateful heart they are released. In your own timing and your own way allow new levels of your True Self to emerge and express in your life one day at a time.

Wendy Chaffin

Some Words About Gratitude

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

From a few of
My Favorite Peeps In My Life…

“When I wake in the morning I say and feel thanks while coming out of meditation. When I go to sleep, the last thing I say is, “Thank you for the day.” It’s something I cultivate daily, the same as I would cultivate my garden with an expectation of having fruit come from that cultivation.”

Ron Skorich
Production Supervisor


“My personal best is being Holly. Holly the Goddess, the High Priestess, the seeker of love, of truth, and of wisdom who transcends pain into passion, love and light.”

Holly Guzanick
Yoga Instructor
High Priestess
Sacred Moon Discoveries


“Gratitiude brings life.”

Debbie Stacey
Program Manager
High Priestess
Sacred Moon Discoveries


“Gratitude ?!?! You’ve got to be kidding!
What do you mean I should feel Gratitude?
Do you know what’s going on? What my life is like?
I don’t know how (or don’t want) to feel Gratitude about this.
Have you ever felt this way?
When I find myself in this type of funk, that’s when I ask for help from Beyond.
Beyond me. Beyond my daily dramas. Beyond my personal perspective.
I know Beyond sees a bigger picture.
Beyond probably sees how this current circumstance will open the doorway and pave the path toward something even more marvelous in my life.
When ‘I’m just not seeing it’ I ask Beyond to feel the Gratitude for me.
Beyond Knows. Beyond can See.
I ask Beyond to show me what it sees, tell me what it knows.
I watch and listen.
It may not happen right away, but eventually my vision clears and I hear words of comfort and encouragement.
I start to feel Gratitude myself.
If not for the circumstance, then for knowing that Beyond sees everything and knows that All is Well with my life.
Could you use some help from Beyond?
All you have to do is ask.
Now that is something to be Grateful for!”

Linda Krokenberger
Network Spinal Analyst


“Gracious Gratitude is being aware that I exist in and by the Grace of the Omnipresent Creator. In me and all around me. I am Grateful that I know this for it is through His/Her Grace!”

Georgina Lentz
Energy Healer

I sat in a channeling and this message rolled out from my Celestial Team who work within and through me. I am very grateful for this support and loving connection:

“I awaken in the Light of Gratitude with a flow that heals all wanting. I Am a discovery of my Divinity shared with All BEings of nature on Earth and All of Universal Creation.”

Celestial Team
Channeled by Wendy Chaffin
Celtic High Priestess and Facilitator of
Sacred Moon Discoveries
Metaphysical Minister
Spiritual Counselor
Energy Healer/Teacher