Trust That You Matter & Create With Matter

Condemning materiality is one the dangers of the spiritual path because some people think they can hurry the awakening process by denying the things of this world.  They try to escape from it by pretending that everything out there is only an illusion and not real.  These airy fairy types create negative non conformity.  They may not be in service to the needs of the world or to their own physical needs.  The material world is the manifestation of spirit.  What better place is there to live our spiritual lives of lessons and service than in beautiful abundant Eden we have here?

There is a great song by Tracy Chapman on her New Beginnings Album calledHeaven’s Here on Earth. It is one of my favorite songs said so beautifully.  I relate to every word of the lyrics and pray each day to live by it.  I recommend listening to and watching the video at the end of the lyrics. It’s very pretty.

Wendy Chaffin