Articles & Newsletter Messages
Authored by Wendy Chaffin

“Your Relationship With Your True Self”

“Mother Earth’s Bounty is Beyond Comprehension”

“Awakening Higher Dimensional Enlightenment in Your DNA”

“Nurturing Self and Others With Presence”

“Eclipses Imprinting New Vibrations”

“Keeping the Faith”

“NOW Is Dreamtime”

“The Pisces Flow is a Divine Flow”

“New Year 2020 – the Emperor”

“Embrace Your True Self”

“You Are a Gift to the Earth”

“Making Choices From the Fullness of Your Heart”

“What is Worth Having Faith In?”

“You Are Clairvoyant When You Pay Attention to What Your Heart and Soul Want”

The Waters Immerse Us in Sacred Energies

The Wisdom of Discipline at the SEMPES Levels

“Create Respectfully with the Faeries”

Trust That You Matter & Create With Matter”

“Harmony in Relationships”

La Jolla Light Newspaper Article

“Year 2014 – The Seven Year”

“How to Meditate”

“The Soul Guardian – Cerridwen”

“St. Peter, ‘Faith Like a Rock – a Metaphysical Perspective'”

“My Favorite Daily Sacred Rituals”

“Are You Sensitive?”

“The Way to Trust Life”

“Twelve Ways You Know You Are Divinely Guided”

“Sacred Discoveries Receives 2015 Best of La Jolla Award”

“Allowing a Spiritual Relationship by BE-ing Silent”

“Spiritual Acceptance”


“The Fourth Dimension”


“The Mastery of Divine Relationships”

“Letting Go of Resistance, Crossing the Three Bridges, Soaring with Dragons”

“Choice Points”


“Who is Archangel Metatron?”

“Loving Self – A Gift of Immense Proportion”

“A Couple of Hours with Wendy and Emmy on a Hiking Trial”

“Christmas Has Celtic/Pagan Roots”

“Live Your Life With Ease and Grace”

“New Year 2016 – The Hermit”

“Follow Your Joy to Your Spiritual Heart”

“Respond With Love”

“Emotional Suffering – A Crying Shame”

“Choosing And Chancing Down the Path of Devotional Love”

“ATTENTION LIGHTWORKERS Who forget to Nurture Themselves!”

“Saint Mother Teresa Enveloped and Demonstrated the Sacred Energy of Mother Mary”

“Understanding and Retrieving Messages from the Spirit World”

“Relationships are the Elixir of Life”

“The Year 2017 – Spin the Wheel of Fortune!”

“How To Nurture Yourself and Others – Oak Moon”

“Some Words About Gratitude”

“The Big Eclipse – August 2017”

“Sacred Silence Healing”

“The New Year 2018!”

“The Cherish Heart”

2019 The Year to Manifest!