Switch On The Divine Light!

The generous, abundant Divine Light is always available.

This last year has challenged everyone I know each in their own way. Stories have been shared of how it’s been hard to stay positive, hard to appreciate fully, hard to feel joy each day. As soon as you feel just right, another episode of “wake up and see a new view of ‘reality'” happens!

Once again, it is time to cleanse your heart and mind!
Great Hope! These Spiritual Awakenings are cause for serious celebration! Have you noticed that once you become aware of something painful, that sensation seems to drop right off a little easier when you trust the awakening process? This is truly a great potential when you hold your thoughts and feelings toward Trust and Faith that Higher Vibrational shifts are occurring.
As energy pours through you and around our planet at a faster and faster rate, you are taking a tough look at things that were harder to look at in the past within yourself, your life, your community, and our world.
Celebrate this growth in awareness. The blessings are numerous as you grow in strength of intuition without veils and blocks. Clarity opens up making room for your right life and your right soul path. Bless your journey and others’ by “switching on” awareness of the Divine Light that you ARE. Bless your journey with appreciation of nature’s incredible mystery and magnificence. Everything on Earth has the potential to be a blessing even when it is hard to see.

Can you imagine every one of your chromosomes lit up with unlimited potential?

Turn on that switch to Perfect Health, Divine Order, Peace, Unity, and Wholeness. Be consistent.. It can take practice. Whenever you are feeling a little dim, turn up the brightness. With practice you will find yourself more consistently feeling the glow.

See only the encouraging Light of the Universe and the encouraging Light of Planet Earth in symbiotic flow with you. Your awareness will create a path of blessings with every beautiful thought and feeling.

Do you have a method, or ritual to hold empowering thoughts and feelings to reset to your happy place?

Are you becoming more and more consistent?

Wendy Chaffin 9/2021

4 replies on “Switch On The Divine Light!”

Switch on the Divine Light! It is in us & all around us! Switching it on is just a matter of acknowledging that the Divine Spark is in you & you have the right to claim your Divine Inheritance anytime you wish! Jesus gave us the clue 2000 years ago when he said “ I am in the Father, and the Father is in me, Father and I are one! The part missing from this statement is “ and so it is with everyone!” When you claim this, then what? Sit quietly every day & listen! Even if it’s just 5 min. Your life takes on a Spiritual connection, away from religious dogma as now you also will come to know who everyone else really is! We become as Wendy says more “attuned” to our Divine Essence- Divine Father/ Mother/ God/ Universe! Which ever name comforts you most. Thus Inner Work begins & restructuring the Body Temple may be an aspect as well- a striving to be the best we can be in our daily life. We have the Constant Integrated Awareness (CIA!) of walking in the Presence! He is our very breath- how amazing is that! As SAI Baba says “ Beings are many, but Breath is One!”
I would like to share the name of an author who is great at explaining “The Mystical I!” Joel Goldsmith. I call him the best in the west! Even Wayne Dwyer & Eckhardt Tolle attribute him for their understanding. Of course reading something Spiritual every day is a must! Knowing this you are never alone! Your Source is your Best Friend, however there is one condition-you have to ask!❤️

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all my favorite reminders you have given me personally through the years. I’ve enjoyed our Sai Baba, and book talks. It is a true pleasure to have a sweet friend like you who recognizes the most important reason for our existence here on Mother Earth, ‘to recognize our Divinity’! Love and Heartfelt Blessings to you…

To help me reset to my happy place, I often consciously choose to sing and dance. Singing often quickly puts me in a good mood, especially a song that I like… the genre does not matter as long as it’s a good song. Dua lipa’s song “Levitating” was my go-to song for this summer! 🙂 (I still love it) During the pandemic, I was prompted to take walks in the morning so, I walked Sunset cliffs from one end to the other while listening to Morning chants on Spotify, about 6am -7am or earlier if I could, to avoid joggers. The walk is roughly 21/5 miles, and the view of the Ocean is amazing, especially in the early morning. I feel my soul needed that!
– About two months ago, I found myself being hard on myself for being “lazy”. After talking with Wendy, I remembered that it was okay for me to give myself some downtime. I recently enjoyed a trip to the butterfly farm and the San Diego botanical gardens. I now seem to have reset myself. I am now back to my morning routine of meditation and reading. I feel great AND grateful!! 🙂 Loving Life with its rollercoaster highs and lows!! Discovering and having more things to celebrate and be thankful for, especially the truth that I am really not alone. The Divine is always present!

Love, love, love your infectious enthusiasm, Sophia! You truly recognize the Divine Within! Thank you for sharing! XO

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