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Respond With Love

     I have a beautiful friend who has inspired me to write this article. I have known her for 23 years. Throughout the time that we have been friends, I have learned many simple, yet powerful lessons through her reflection. One of which I’m going to share with you. 
     Recently we planned to meet for lunch as usual and talk about what’s been going on. I typically speak of my latest challenges, then search my mind and allow spirit to speak through me for enlightened answers while I secretly hope that it will stick.  With her I become drawn to the present through her demeanor and her actions. It becomes easy to enjoy food and the atmosphere and just Be-ing there. I settle in, forget searching my mind and spirit, and begin to relax into the moment. Then, it just becomes, “Hey, here’s the reflection of my kind and loving friend who reminds me how kind and loving I am too.” It is always a pleasure to see her.
     Driving up to meet her, I spotted the restaurant she was waiting at and parked behind her car. I noticed a new bumper sticker on her car that read, “Respond with Love”. I immediately thought, “Yes, a great one, as great as the one she had many years ago, “Be Kind.”  I remember back then thinking how hard that was. It took me years wondering if I really was kind at all. Now she’s got me again, wondering how long my Guru friend’s new bumper statement would twist my mind.
     We had a nice lunch then went to the nearest grocery store to pick up a few things.  A man nearby jumped into our conversation and started to randomly go from one subject to another. I did my best to follow, but I quickly thought the more attention I give this man the more he kept talking! I felt confused, so I slowly looked away and browsed the shelves as I inched away.  My mind wandered to a question about tomato sauce, then my focus was drawn back to the man. My friend was faced toward him listening intently with a sweet half smile on her face and then it happened. He stopped talking. He was complete. My friend gave him just what he needed. She listened. He got the connection and attention he needed and he felt satisfied and complete.  I believe she heard  what he was saying, made connections herself, stayed present until the man was complete. Her heart remained open and her eyes were on his eyes. My heart was warmed and full by this lovely demonstration of how to Respond with Love! 
     By maintaining awareness of ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, egoically and soulfully, we can glean so many jewels from each person, situation, circumstance and event. And Responding with Love will add soulful warmth to it all. 
Wendy  Chaffin
March 2016


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The Spiritual Heart

Your Spirit Heart resides deeply within your core essence.  It knows the abundance of the Universe.  You can find this essence as you remember the feelings of radiant connection you have experienced in your precious, innocent, childhood memories.  Do you remember those expanded glowing moments when you felt one with the present moment?  Take time to remember.  Sit quietly and ask your Higher Self, “When was I aware of my Spiritual Heart and what did it feel like?”  Bask in the memories.  Fill yourself up.  Ask to awaken the magnificence of Love with and around your heart center and share it so brightly out to others bypassing all resistance from your egoic personality.  Awaken your vulnerable, Spiritual Heart.  FEEL the joy, the warmth, the tenderness and excitement all in one.  You are brilliance in physical form!
Wendy Chaffin
February 2016
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Live Your Life With Ease and Grace. My Favorite Expression!

I asked my Higher Self to get in contact with the Wise Ones to help me elaborate:
“As you follow your soul’s guidance, if you allow this blessed reality to be present in your consciousness, you will dream and create in a magnitude that is unmistakably yours and unmistakably in sinc with cosmic consciousness.  You see, YOU ARE cosmic consciousness and your unique self  is an extension of the grand plan for all of humanity.  This may seem too large for your comprehension, but it is not. For each small contribution from each individual contributes to the whole of all existence and profoundly affects the All.  Paradoxically, this kind of awareness draws close ease and comfort.  You will feel home in your collaboration and communion.  The contentment that fills your heart fosters grace.  A fluidity of motion from your awakening allows you to come in contact with the seen and unseen.  Blessed Be, Seekers, for you are of the Kingdom of God.”
Channeled by Wendy
January 2016

A Couple of Hours with Wendy and Nature on a Hiking Trail

     There I sat under my favorite oak tree at Mission Trails on a beautiful, warm, and lightly windy fall morning – my initial goal was to get out of the house and exercise, so I did – I worked up a sweat walking all around and finally plunked myself under a great tree to ponder what to write about – I had never taken this long to figure it out – my mind was searching for what seemed much longer than it should be. Then the random acts of spirit began to talk to me – and this is what showed itself to me in my sacred silence, NOISE! – “Emmy!-Emmy!-Emmy!- Come here!  Where are you?”   
     Someone was calling out from a distance – this person seemed pretty perturbed that Emmy would take off and go so far away. And then Emmy showed up in front of me. A sweet dog that looked like a fox.  She looked right into my eyes like she was on a mission to meet me. So I took a moment, tuning into her eyes and asked, “What’s the message, Emmy?” –
     I heard, “You lie to yourself.”
     “Yeah, you know that there’s nothing more wonderful,  nothing more sacred, nothing more interesting than the present moment right here right now.” Then Emmy left to go meet her family.
     Hmmmm – I thought about it for a moment. For most of my life I have not accepted the truth of my power, the presence within me and all around me, in each present moment. Thinking that I am present when I’m not IS a lie.
     Now the wind began to blow through the trees, moving them and making sounds as if to say, – “Shhhhhh … Dummmmmmmy … This powerful presence is here with you always and we are one with you.”
     I caught a chill there, disciplined by nature. So I got up to get back in the sun on the trail so that I could see and hear what else spirit was trying to tell me. And then it occurred to me:  Nothing is trying to tell me anything. It’s me trying too hard as usual. Thinking that life has to always be hard. I have to over-try to make something happen for myself. All my wants and needs can only manifest through trying. There is a fine line between trying and BEing. When we start to BE, we feel wonderful and we begin to manifest by being present and recognizing abundance in the moment. Once I notice the abundance that’s there in front of me, I have to try to create again. The trap of trying! So, then in front of me on the trail are hundreds of rocks making it really hard to figure out where the trail is. I tripped over a rock and almost fell. It was then that spirit reminded me, “Choose! – and while you’re choosing, pay attention to what’s in front of you.”
     So I looked in front of me, to the sides of me, to my backside all around and up! – And what I discovered was that I was in the middle of a panorama that took my breath away and filled me with joy.
     As I continued along the path, I came upon a bridge with a sign nearby displaying the words, – “Life and Death.”  It was a message about forest fires, how they affect the trees and the animals there, and how nature rebirths itself and sustains itself again – the very bottom of the sign had a quote I had never noticed there before. It said,
     “For certain is death for the born and certain is birth for the dead; therefor over the inevitable thou shouldest not grieve.”  –Bhagavad-Gita
     Wow!  I walked that trail many times before yet never saw that small writing at the bottom of the sign. The bridge told me, simply put, “I join the two sides together.”  I thought immediately of my mother’s recent passing this year – although terribly confusing and painful to lose her physically, I feel her close-by in spirit in a comforting way. My thoughts moved to the pain of trying – I was ready to end this pattern and allow the death of it. “I’m sure there’s comfort on the other side of that as well,”- I thought.
      Further on the path, the words “Presence-BEing-Creating” came to me in that way and in that order. “I can’t create unless I’m present.”
     I was taken aback by a funny looking tree all slumped over, partially alive, but seemingly dead. I thought to myself, “Geez, I feel that way often. Why would we be so alive and then act dead at the same time?  Why not live out presently what’s being shown to us, absorb every moment with all the love we have and get everything out of our creation rather than shirking it off or doubting what is in front of us?” – I knew in that moment that I’m doing life in fast-forward, hoping for better ahead in the future. But I also realized that in many ways I have a slow way of doing life, too, looking back so often. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge along the way and I have a lot to share. So I walked on with my shoulders back and my eyes open. No need to slouch like that tree.
     These spiritual messages that Mother Nature gave me filled me up 100%. Spirit, my Higher Self, God, Goddess, the Universe, the Cosmos are supporting me 100%! – Everything I need is right here, right now, currently present in the make-up of my life. I am blessed and so are you. Pay attention: You’re being spoken to. –
     Thanks, Emmy.  You put me on an intuitive course for success.
Wendy Chaffin
November 2015
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The Mastery Of Divine Relationship

When we give up our cravings for more, better, and different, we open ourselves to the creative currents of change in relationship – the Mystery.  In time the experience of relationship becomes more powerful than anything conceived alone.
Divine relationships begin with an intention to create a Sacred Union.  Tenderness, respect and appreciation bring peace and contentment.  A Divine relationship is also cherishing and nurturing. Love is the abiding destiny and the most natural condition. Through loving one another the Divine is experienced.
Releasing control and the willingness to trust even in the darkest hours, calls forth the Mystery of Divine Relationship.
Wendy Chaffin
October 2015
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How to Embrace Change

~Embrace change and you’ll recognize abundance. Try it and pay attention.
~Live in the present moment.  Everything that has been, is and will be, exists at the same time.
~Rather than running, contracting, or retreating, be silent to hear God, your Higher Self, your guardians messages through feeling, thoughts, visions, etc… answering our hearts and guiding us to safety, security, love.
~Be positive.  The higher dimensions only support a more expansive spiritual viewpoint to influence the trajectory of our lives.
~Be in gratitude.  It is the ultimate confirmation of intent.  You recognize the good and you own it.  You created it and it is now so.   Awen!
Wendy Chaffin
September 2015



Loving Self – A Gift of Immense Proportion

     One day in a conversation with a kind, elderly man I was compelled to relay how important it is to love himself.  He asked me, “Why do I need to love myself and why is it necessary?”  He was a dedicated and devoted husband and spent his whole life loving others.  He also said, ” I am a drop in the pond of life.  I am as insignificant as a grain of sand on the beach.”
     So I reminded him that he is infinitely small and immensely large as the ever expanding universe with all this happening at the same time.
     He may not leave this earth until he recognizes not only love for another, which he has done successfully, but to love himself.
     As he learns to love himself, he will reflect back his self-love to others and they will in turn love themselves more easily.
     We  both agreed that love is the ultimate truth. After all it is heart-warmingly pleasant, peaceful and exists energetically in and around all matter. The matter itself is a facade overlying this beautiful vibration.
Wendy Chaffin
September 2015


Who Is Archangel Metatron?

From the void is the potential of pure light.  This radiant light being is the right hand of God. He will heal all who ask and more effectively those that prepare in a sacred manner.
Metatron’s powerful presence holds light frequencies here an earth to assist us in ascension, raising our vibration for an enlightened conscious path on earth.
Experience with this loving, generous being reveals to me the essence of pure potential in white light of all colors. He participates in the creation of all things, including the Universe, galactic and planetary systems and social structures within the spiritual world (including the birth of soul groups and all souls).
He teaches that all is possible through love, the highest level of awareness allowing all things to be made manifest.
Wendy Chaffin
August 2015


“Compassion comes from deep inside you and radiates all around you.
When you tap this fountain you drink abundantly.
Free flowing and ever present, this force guides your life.
Allow the Great Love.
Give permission for the Great Love to flow from you and through you.
Awaken with Awareness small or large.
Grow and enjoy this gift that’s yours.”

Channeled by Wendy Chaffin
July 2015