Higher Consciousness with Rowan Moon

Raise your vibration, up, up , up and away.  Rowan Moon is a conductor of electricity, knowledge and insights.  See into your future and connect to the magic that lies within.  Follow your unique path and patterns until your come into God/Goddess Self only you now how to BE.

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2 Responses to Higher Consciousness with Rowan Moon

  1. Metzli says:

    I am excited to get started on this journey with Rowan.

    This reminds me of a recent Counseling Session I had with Wendy, where she asked me to listen to my guides. My response was exasperation: “Sometimes my guides give me five things to do at the same time!”

    I could hear Wendy smile over the phone: “Now why would your guides do that to you?”

    They wouldn’t, they don’t. My guides are very clear, I just have to make sure to listen to them, and not my ego, nor my fears. I am happy to have this Rowan Moon vibration where I can connect to the magic that lies within.

    I look forward to this journey. I will be aware. I will be a conscious creator. I will be the Goddess Self only I know how to be.

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